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Registration Information

We need certain basic personal information from you when you create an account. Together with your first and last name, we also need your email address and a secure password.

Payment Information

Purchasing products from us requires you to provide your full name, your shipping and billing address, your phone number, and your credit card, bank or PayPal information.

Your personal information, including your address, is needed to fulfill your order. Rest assured that we do not process or store your credit card or PayPal information as it’s taken care of by our third-party payment processors.

Transactional Information

When placing an order, we collect information about your transactions. This includes the date and time of purchase, the products you purchased, and the amount to be paid.

We mostly use this data to do business analytics and to segment and tailor the marketing emails we send. Please be aware that signing up to receive marketing emails from us is completely optional, and you can choose not to do so at any time by emailing us or clicking the "Unsubscribe" link present in every marketing email.

Usage Information

The company employs third-party tracking technology to gather data on how you use our site, which includes information about your device and browser, IP address, device type, operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, operating system version and name, language, and plug-ins and add-ons. 

In addition, we record usage information such as how long you stay on the site, which pages you visit, which links you click on, and the websites that led you to our site.

To serve more targeted advertising on our website and measure the success of our advertising campaigns, we may receive information about your online activity on other websites and applications from third-party advertising partners like Facebook and Google. 

This information does not contain any personally identifiable information or details of your browsing history outside our site. If you wish to control how your data is used for advertising purposes, you can follow these links: Facebook and Google.

Additionally, we utilize Google Analytics on our website to analyze user behavior and detect any technical issues.

How we use cookies

Cookies provide information about your website preferences and browsing habits. Little files like this are stored on your browser or other device.

They come in two varieties: temporary cookies and session cookies, the latter of which expire when you close your browser (which stay on your browser for a predefined period of time or until you delete them). These cookies help us identify you as you visit our site.

Cookies may be set by the website you're viewing (referred to as "first-party cookies") or by other businesses (referred to as "third-party cookies"). For instance, we utilize first-party cookies to make it easy for us to remember that you are signed in to our site or the contents of your shopping basket for future visits. For the purpose of better understanding how you use our website, we also use third-party analytics cookies like Google Analytics and MixPanel. With the use of this information, we can decide how to improve our website.

In addition, we make use of additional cookie-like technology. For instance, we employ tags to gather data about your device or browser, and these tags have the ability to set cookies.

We use cookies for a variety of purposes, including data collection to enhance your experience on our site and to see which items and content are most popular.

The cookies can be further categorized as follows:





These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our sites. Certain features, such as maintaining your login session or storing the items in your shopping cart, depend on these cookies, and disabling them may cause these features to malfunction.


These cookies assist us in monitoring and reducing any security concerns.


These cookies enable us to remember your preferences and settings, such as your language and location.


These cookies help us comprehend how you use our website and its content. Also, we analyze this data for commercial purposes, such as identifying which of our items are the most popular.


These cookies are used by us and our advertising partners to display adverts to site visitors that are more relevant to them and to monitor how well our advertising campaigns are doing both on our website and on other websites.

We collaborate with the following platforms, each of which has tools that let you manage the ads that are shown to you:




Our Email Marketing platform places tracking tags and cookies on your browser when you click a link from our marketing emails. These cookies may keep a record of your activities on our site, such as the pages you visit, the products you view, and your purchase history.

We utilize this information to tailor the emails we send to you and ensure that they are relevant. It should be noted that we will only send you marketing emails if you have opted in to our email marketing program.

To stop receiving marketing emails, you can use the unsubscribe link included in all marketing emails we send, or you can contact us via email to request the removal of all data tracked by our email marketing platform.

Device Information

Your device's IP address, browser or client application information, preferred language, operating system and app version, device kind and ID, model and manufacturer, and other information may be collected by us.

We do not sell or rent personal information

Under no circumstances do we sell any of the information we have about you to outside parties.

Analytics, Purchasing and Advertising

These are the platforms that we now use for analytics and advertising. By choosing from the alternatives listed below, you can decline them. By choosing "Disabled" in the choices box below, you can choose not to get Google Ads. You would need to navigate to your account privacy settings on Facebook and Linkedin's respective websites. For further details, click on the links. Please see the option to unsubscribe below if you have already registered to our newsletter.



If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics’ tracking, use this browser add-on provided by Google.


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