Strict Policy Against Selling or Renting Your Personal Information

In our unwavering commitment to your privacy, we assure you that we never sell or rent your personal information to third parties. This strict policy is a cornerstone of our values, ensuring that the data you entrust us with remains confidential and used solely for the purposes for which it was collected. We prioritize your trust and privacy, ensuring that your personal information is always protected under our care.


For California Residents:

This section is specifically for those living in California. It follows the guidelines of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, updated by the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020, commonly known as the CCPA. According to the CCPA, if you live in California, you have the right to know what personal information businesses like ours collect, use, disclose, share, and sell. You can also ask us about certain rights you have.

What We've Collected in the Last 12 Months:

Personal Identifiers: Names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, payment card details, IP addresses.

Protected Classification Characteristics: Gender, age.

Commercial Information: What you've bought, your buying history.

Internet Activity: Your browsing and search history.

Geolocation Data: Your exact location.

Digital Information: Recordings of calls, chat conversations, how you use our website.

Inferences: Your preferences or characteristics, based on the data above.

Where We Get This Information:

Our website.

Our own brands.

Third-party websites.

Data brokers.

Social media.

Data analytics providers.

How Long We Keep Your Information:

We hold onto consumer information according to our standard practices, contractual needs, and legal requirements, typically up to seven years.

Your Right to Opt-Out:

As a Californian, you can choose not to have your personal information shared or sold. Just follow the instructions in the “Rights Under the CCPA For California Residents” section below.

Non-Discrimination Promise:

We won't treat you differently for exercising your CCPA rights.

Financial Incentives:

If you opt-in for marketing emails or texts, you might get discounts or special offers. You can join by signing up on our website or calling customer service. You can opt-out the same way.

Your CCPA Rights:

Know what personal information we've collected or shared.

Access or receive a copy of this information.

Ask us to correct any mistakes in your information.

Request deletion of your information.

Limit how we use and disclose your information.

Not face retaliation for opting out or exercising your CCPA rights.


Some information might be exempt from these requests. For example, we need certain information to fulfill your orders or comply with laws. If you ask us to delete certain information, it might affect how you use our website.