EasyShare 5100

EasyShare 5100

Cartridge prices starting at $7.99

The Kodak EasyShare 5100 Printer offers print, copy, and scan features. With its wireless connectivity, you can print high-quality images and text from anywhere in your home or office, providing you with convenience. And the same is true when you order a replacement Kodak ink cartridge right here at Carrot Ink. Our easy-to-navigate website allows you to conveniently shop from the comfort of your home or office. With just a few mouse clicks, chat messages, or a phone call, you can already place your cartridge order, and have it delivered to your address in no time. That easy! And the best part is, our remanufactured Kodak 10XL and Kodak 10 are priced amazingly low, allowing you to save up to 75% off the cost of genuine Kodak ink cartridges. Check out our listing below to see the huge price difference.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn the power on and open the printer.
  2. Squeeze the release tab of the cartridge you want to replace.
  3. Remove the cartridge.
  4. Take the new cartridge out of its wrapper and remove the plastic tape.
  5. Twist off the cap.
  6. Insert the new cartridge into the correct slot.
  7. Close the printer.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to insert the new ink cartridge inside the Kodak EasyShare 5100 immediately after removing its orange cap?

Once you remove the orange cap from the new ink cartridge, you should insert it inside the Kodak printer immediately to prevent the ink from drying out.


What is the ideal temperature to note when storing unopened Kodak ink cartridges?

When storing unopened Kodak ink cartridges, make sure to keep it in a location where the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit) for the best-quality printed output.


How do I avail of free shipping?

To avail of free shipping, your total order amount must be $40 and above. But this is only valid for shipping addresses within the 48 adjoining states.