Stylus Photo R340

The Epson Stylus Photo R340 is a solid choice for a relatively cheaper unit that can still effectively print photos and documents. Thanks to its five-color system, you can print anywhere from reports to ID photos to panoramas. At Carrot Ink, we make sure that your printer gets the quality ink cartridge that it needs without burning a hole in your budget. Whether you need our single ink cartridges in the CMY, light magenta, and light cyan range, or prefer our Epson 48 Remanufactured 7-Pack Combo, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction with each cartridge use. We stand by our products so much, in fact, that we offer a one-year warranty and a no-questions-asked return policy. Just contact our friendly customer service via live chat or phone call and we’ll accommodate your inquiries.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn your printer on.
  2. If you see an Ink Out message on your display panel, press OK. If you don’t see that message, follow this sequence: press the Setup button > press d to choose Ink Cartridge Replacement > press OK > press OK again. If done right, the print head should move to the replacement position.
  3. Open your printer’s cartridge cover.
  4. To remove the old cartridge, press the tab on its back and then lift it out of the printer.
  5. Unwrap your new ink cartridge. Be careful not to touch the green circuit board or remove any labels.
  6. With the green circuit board facing the front, lower your new cartridge into the printer. Gently push until you hear it lock into place.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until you replace all empty cartridges.
  8. Close your ink cartridge cover.
  9. Press OK on the display panel, then close your printer’s cover.
  10. Wait until your printer stops charging the ink delivery system, then press OK.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I get the single ink cartridges or the 7-pack combo?

Your choice would depend on how often you print. Are you a heavy-duty user? If so, you would do well with Epson 48 Remanufactured 7-Pack Combo. It’s per-cartridge price goes down to just $20.49, and you’ll have ready inks whenever your printer runs low!


How can I know which cartridge needs replacing?

Your Epson Stylus Photo R340 can tell you which cartridge is either running low or empty. On your display panel, press Setup. Then, press d to choose Ink Levels. Lastly, press OK. You will then see the level of ink for each cartridge. It’s best that you replace anything that’s low or empty, so it won’t halt your productivity.


Since I’m planning to buy in bulk, how long until my cartridges dry out?

Our cartridges have 18 to 24 months of shelf life. If you’re buying in bulk, make sure that you store unopened cartridges in a sealed bag and away from direct sunlight.