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Combining a laser printer, a full-featured fax, a copier, and a scanner in one, the Brother MFC-8840 is just what you need for all your business printing needs. It’s easy to use and maintain. And if you wish to save on printing costs with this machine, you can always use compatible toner cartridges and drum unit. But don’t just get anywhere—trust only Carrot Ink for all your compatible cartridge and printer supplies needs. Our Brother TN570 Black High-Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge and Brother DR510 Black Compatible Drum Unit are guaranteed to work on your printer or your money back. Feel free to call or chat us if you have questions about our products.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open the front cover of the printer. Simply press the button and pull it down to open.
  2. Grasp the plastic handle and pull the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly out of the printer.
  3. Take out the toner cartridge from the assembly. Push down the blue lever on the side of the assembly and then lift up the actual cartridge to remove it.
  4. Get the new toner cartridge and pull up the shipping tab to remove the entire length of the protective tape.
  5. Slide the new ink cartridge into the drum unit.
  6. Insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the printer until it clicks into place.
  7. Close the front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can pictures and photos be printed with crisp and vibrant colors using a compatible toner cartridge?

Of course, yes! Our compatible toner cartridges are guaranteed to perform just like their OEM counterparts, so pictures and photos are printed with amazing results.


How do I know when to replace the drum unit on my Brother MFC-8840 printer?

When you start to notice a decline in print quality and it does not improve even after replacing the toner cartridge, then it’s time you change the drum unit. A ‘Replace drum’ message also usually appears on your printer panel to notify you to do so.


Should I replace the toner cartridge and the drum unit at the same time?

No. Replace only the consumable that has run out of ink or is defective.