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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these simple steps to replace the used toner cartridge on a Brother MFC-8810DW:


  1. Cool down the hot internal parts inside your printer by leaving it on for ten minutes.
  2. Open the front cover by clicking the front cover release button.
  3. Pull out the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
  4. Get the toner cartridge out of the drum unit by pressing down on the green lock lever.
  5. Pull the new toner cartridge from its bag. Rock it in different directions for five or six times to distribute the toner evenly.
  6. Remove the protective cover of the toner cartridge
  7. Insert the new cartridge into the drum unit until it clicks into position. If it is appropriately placed, the green lock lever will lift afterward.
  8. Slide the green tab back and forth for several times to clean the primary corona wire.
  9. Insert the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back into the printer.
  10. Close the front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to know when to change the toner cartridge on a Brother MFC-8810DW printer?

The message ‘Replace Toner’ appears, which indicates that the toner cartridge should be replaced soon.


Is it safe to change the cartridge right after using the printer?

No. Some internal parts of the printer are still extremely hot after you use it. Leave the printer on for 10 minutes first so the internal fan can cool the hot parts inside.


What will happen if an unpacked drum unit is left out in the sun for an extended period?

The drum unit may get damaged. So, keep an opened drum unit away from direct sunlight or any artificial light source.