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Just because your printer is expensive doesn't always mean your ink has to burn a hole on your pockets too. Enjoy up to 75% of savings when you buy your Brother HL-5370DWT Toner from Carrot Ink! You can depend on our Brother TN650 Black High Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge to always give you crisp and clear black & white prints that never smudges. If you want to save further, you can also avail of our Brother TN650 And DR620 High-Yield Compatible Toner & Drum 3-PIece Combo as each cartridge are sold for a lower price. All our toners and drum units also come with a 1-year warranty, which means you don't have to worry should anything go wrong with your product. Our customer service team is always ready to answer any of your inquiries so don't hesitate to call!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn on the machine before beginning to change the toner. Then, open the front cover.
  2. Take the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly out of the printer. After that, push down the blue lock lever to remove the used toner out of the drum unit.
  3. Unwrap the new toner cartridge and then shake it firmly several times so that the ink inside is distributed evenly. Then, remove its protective cover.
  4. Install the new toner into the drum unit and push until it clicks into place.
  5. Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by carefully sliding the blue tab side to side several times. Remember to put back the blue tab to its original position afterwards.
  6. Put the drum unit back inside the machine and then close the front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean when a cartridge is remanufactured?


These are genuine name-brand ink and toner cartridges, which have been sold or sent to authorized remanufacturers. They were then thoroughly cleaned and filled to capacity. Parts that may have been missing are also replaced to ensure that the cartridge works perfectly with your machine as if they are brand new.


What is the shelf life of this toner?


This toner has a shelf life of 24 to 36 months, which means you don't' have to worry about stocking up on ink for some time. If you're planning to store ink, make sure that they are unopened until you're ready to use them, and that they are kept in a place away from direct heat and sunlight.


Does this toner work with other printers?


Yes! This toner is also compatible with a selection of Brother printers including some models under the Brother Multifunction MFC Series, DCP Series, HL Toner Series. Please refer to our complete list online or call our customer service hotline so that we may give your further assistance.