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Brother FAX machines work (period).  Often an older machine that’s setup and does what it needs to do, the earlier models use that long-forgotten “fax film” which is essentially a role of thermal sensitive carbon paper (remember carbon paper?)


Still in use in small office and SOHO environment, Brother Fax ribbon-based machines just seem to keep working.  But consumers are often surprised by the cost of Brother fax supplies.  Discount Brother fax rolls and cartridges is one of our specialties.  We offer a complete line of low-price Brother fax film, brother fax cartridges, and overall, think we’re a great place to buy film for brother fax machines. 


The more recent Brother Fax machines are based on a laser toner engine.  Carrot Ink offers a full assortment of discount Brother Fax laser toner cartridges.  You can buy compatible fax rolls for the Brother Fax 575 fax machine, shop for discount fax film for the Brother 560, and even save on rolls for the Brother FAX.  We also have compatible toner for the FAX 8750 laser fax, and even discount laser cartridges for the Brother Fax 8250.

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