Phaser 4600

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Easy to use and with printing speeds of 55 pages per minute, the Xerox Phaser 4600 is the ideal choice for busy office settings. And with Carrot Ink toners, we'll make sure you'll get consistent high-quality prints each time you fire up your machine. Depending on your printer's settings and frequency of use, Our Xerox 106R01535 Black High Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge can give you a whopping 30,000 printed pages. All that for a fraction of the original cost. So why go retail when you have a cheaper alternative that doesn't compromise the quality?  All our products are made in an ISO-9001 facility, guaranteeing you that they all meet and exceed OEM standards. Order more than worth of products today and you'll get your shipping fee for free!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Lift your printer's main lid.
  2. Grab the old cartridge by its handle and pull it out of the machine.
  3. Take your new cartridge out of its bag.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the printer.
  5. Close your printer's main lid.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I chose remanufactured cartridges?


With our remanufactured cartridges, you get the same quality of outputs and comparable yields without burning a hole in your budget. Moreover, you'll also get to play your part in saving the environment, as we reuse and recycle old cartridges then put them into better use!


Will using non-genuine ink cartridges affect my printer?


No, it won't. We make sure that all our cartridges are engineered to meet and exceed OEM standards. They will come in the features and dimensions as that of original cartridges, guaranteeing you that they will work well with your printer without voiding its warranty.


Is there a warranty for your products?


Yes, there is! We offer a one-year warranty on all our products, plus a no-questions-asked return policy. If you feel unsatisfied with our products, please contact our customer service and we'll either replace it or give you your money back—no questions asked!