Xerox Phaser 3260/DI Toner

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Experience the difference of our quality and cheap ink cartridges. Filled with a premium ink blend, it gives professional looking results whether on simple documents or high-resolution images. Our toner is made to be compatible on your Xerox Phaser 3260/DI printer to maximize not only the features of the device but also the efficiency of transferring the ink to the paper. The page yield of each toner is best for continuous printing without immediately replacing the cartridge. We offer replacement as well as refund for your Xerox Phaser toners.

Use this step-by-step guide to help you install Carrot Ink's Phaser 3260/DI toner. Refer to this link here for more details.

  • Find your printer's front cover and make sure to open it.
  • Once you opened the cover, you can now access the toner cartridge.
  • Pull the empty toner cartridge out.
  • Remove the packaging of your new toner.
  • Give it a good shake (about five to six times) for equal ink distribution.
  • Put the new toner of the machine. It should lock into place.
  • Close your Xerox device's cover.

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