LaserJet P4014n

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When you need replacement toner cartridges for your HP LaserJet P4014n, you’ll find it here in Carrot. We have high-quality toner cartridges that are compatible with your HP printer at a fraction of the cost. Save up to 75% on your printer cartridges when you purchase this generic and low-priced HP 64A Black Compatible Toner Cartridge for your HP LaserJet P4014n printer. With a 10,000 page yield per cartridge, you get better value without compromising on quality. Don’t spend too much on genuine replacement toner cartridges when you can get the same quality prints for less. Order now and save on printing costs!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

It is easy to replace the toner in your HP LaserJet P4014n Printer with these steps:


  1. Lift the printer’s scanner assembly and then lift the printer’s top cover until you hear a click that indicates it is firmly locked in the open position.
  2. With the use of the toner’s middle handle, pull firmly but carefully along the printer’s tracks until the old cartridge is removed.
  3. Remove the new cartridge from its protective packaging by pulling on the release tab to open it.
  4. Holding the middle handle on the new toner cartridge, insert the replacement cartridge into the printer by first aligning it with the tracks inside.
  5. Slide the cartridge into place until you hear the click that indicates it is in the right position.
  6. Close the cover and then close the printer scanner assembly after.


Frequently Asked Questions


What other printers can HP 64A (CC364A) Black Compatible Toner Cartridge fit in aside from HP LaserJet P4014n?

This toner cartridge is made for use on the HP P4014 but can also be used on the P4015 and P4515.


Can I expect this toner to actually print 10,000 pages as stated?

That is the estimated page yield at standard page coverage. However, the actual page yield will vary depending on the type of prints you are producing as well as other factors such as printer settings and paper type.


Is there a difference between a compatible cartridge and original toner cartridges for HP LaserJet P4014n?

The main difference between compatible cartridges and HP OEM brand HP LaserJet P4014n laser toner cartridges is the price. Other than that, they work the same and produce the same number of pages with the same quality. Compatible toner cartridges are guaranteed to work, or you get your money back.