LaserJet 9050

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The HP LaserJet 9050 offers excellent output quality at print speeds of up to 50 ppm. It is a heavy-duty departmental printer that can print on paper up to tabloid size and boasts a 300,000-page-per-month duty cycle. If you’ve got one and need to replace its cartridge, you need not search further because Carrot Ink has got you covered. Our HP 43X (C8543X) Black High-Yield Remanufactured Toner Cartridge offers the same 30,000-page yield and is guaranteed to work on your LaserJet 9050 or your money back. Print output quality is superb at a price that is far less than the cost of genuine HP toner cartridge. Order one now to see for yourself!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here are the steps to changing the toner cartridge on the HP LaserJet 9050 printer:


  1. Open the printer’s front cover.
  2. Find the cartridge release lever and rotate it downward.
  3. Grasp the front handle of the old cartridge with one hand, and then pull it out of the printer until the top handle is visible.
  4. Hold the top handle with the other hand and pull the cartridge out completely.
  5. Remove the new toner cartridge from the box and all packing materials that come with it.
  6. Before inserting the new cartridge into the printer, make sure that the transfer roller assembly is already installed.
  7. Align the new cartridge with the print cartridge guides and push it forward as far as it goes.
  8. Press and hold the white button and rotate the green lever clockwise until it locks into place.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it necessary to clean the HP LaserJet 9050 printer every time I change the print cartridge?

Cleaning the printer thoroughly every time you change the print cartridge helps maintain print quality.


When removing the used print cartridge from the printer, why is it necessary to use both hands?

Using both hands when removing the used cartridge from the printer helps prevent damage to the print cartridge.


If I print mostly graphics, images, and bold texts, will I be able to enjoy the 30,000-page yield from your remanufactured HP 43X?

No, that’s unlikely. The estimated 30,000-page yield from the remanufactured HP 43X is at 5% coverage only.