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The Dell B1160w monochrome (black-and-white) laser printer features an easy setup and wireless connectivity. A workhorse machine, it can print up to 10,000 pages a month. Cnet.com gives this printer 3 out of 5 stars. They like its compact design and wireless ability. They don't like its lack of Ethernet networking or that it can hold only 150 pages. If you happen to own this printer, you might be looking for affordable alternatives to expensive genuine Dell cartridges. No need to look further because we’ve got them right here. Our compatible Dell 331-7335 is priced up to 75% less than the cost of original cartridge. Place your order online or call us if you need assistance.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Make sure the output support is closed, and then open the top cover.
  2. Take the old toner cartridge out of the printer.
  3. Without touching the green side, unpack the new toner cartridge and shake it.
  4. Insert the new toner into the printer.
  5. Pull down the top cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if a faded area or a vertical white streak appears on the page when I tried printing with my Dell Multi-Function B1160w?

A faded area or a vertical white streak on the page indicates a low toner cartridge. Install a new toner cartridge on your Dell Multi-Function B1160w to resolve this issue.


If I get horizontal stripes on the print results, does it mean the ink cartridge that I installed is defective?

It is likely. But it could also mean an improperly installed cartridge. So before you request for a replacement, check if the cartridge is seated properly in the printer first. If not, then try reinstalling it properly and print a page to see if the horizontal lines no longer appear. If it still does, then a replacement cartridge would be necessary.


How would I know if the Dell toner cartridge is near the end of its life?

To know if it’s time to replace your old Dell toner cartridge, watch out for these two indicators: white streaks on the print results and the ‘Toner’ LED light blinking orange.