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Epson, like HP, was an early pioneer in inkjet technology.  Epson ink cartridges differ from most other brands of printers (Brother, Canon, HP, Dell, Lexmark, Kodak) in that vibration, rather than heat, is used to expel drops of ink from printer’s printhead on to the awaiting paper.  Epson has long been know for its expertise in working with Quartz and electricity (“think watches”).  And, what Epson found was that they could create a micro piezo printhead - basically a vibrating print head - much like getting a “pulse” from a quartz watch.  As such, Epson printers have a permanently affixed printhead - and with that, Epson printer supplies are essentially ink tanks (ink cartridges).  


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Epson got into the printer business due to the 1964 Summer Olympics.  They had been selected as the official timekeeper, but needed to provide timers that could print.  This led further to development of impact dot-matrix printers (essentially little rods that rammed onto an ink ribbon).  It is speculated that Epson noticed HP’s development of thermal inkjet printers (and their patents) and found they could affect the same result but by using their knowledge of quartz technology.  (This is part of the reason Epson inkjet printers used to be so loud.)