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Generic or replacement cartridges are your best option when you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to OEM cartridges for your printer without compromising on quality. The Samsung ML-2010D3 Black Compatible Toner Cartridge is a replacement toner cartridge that is manufactured to perfectly match your Samsung ML-2510 printer.  Made using high-quality standards and by an ISO-9001 facility, you are guaranteed high quality prints and maximum page yields with every replacement cartridge you buy. At Carrot Ink, you also get optimal savings since these cartridges cost only a fraction of what an OEM Samsung printer cartridge costs but without compromising on quality and page yield.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these steps to replace Samsung ML-2510 toner cartridge:


  1. Turn off the printer and open the front lower end of the printer to access the old cartridge.
  2. Holding the handle, pull the old cartridge out carefully but firmly from the printer. Once the cartridge is out, make sure that the ID pin is intact.
  3. Remove the replacement toner from its packaging and remove the protective cover from the front end by first pulling out the tape from underneath before pulling off the plastic cover.
  4. Check the replacement toner to see if the ID pin is intact.
  5. Using the handle, insert the new cartridge into the printer and listen for a click as you press it in to ensure that it is in place.
  6. Close the front cover and your printer can now be used.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does a replacement toner work as well as an OEM Samsung ML-2510 Toner?

Replacement cartridges are manufactured to work exactly like their original counterparts, so you can expect the same quality prints and same page yields as you would expect from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridge.


Some people suggested that I use a refill instead of buying a replacement cartridge. Any suggestions?

You can use a refill kit for your toner, but this can be very messy and labor-intensive. It is better to get a replacement cartridge rather than to refill your toner cartridge yourself since you are guaranteed no mess, easier replacement, and OEM quality prints.


How many pages does the Samsung ML-2510 Toner yield?

The estimated page yield of the Samsung ML-2010D3 Black is 3,000 pages at standard page coverage. Please take note that the actual number varies depending on your usage and the type of materials you print.