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Shopping for replacement toner cartridges for your Samsung CLP-315 is now easier, faster, and cheaper here at Carrot Ink. Whether you need the CLT-K409S Black, CLT-C409S Cyan, CLT-M409S Magenta, or CLT-Y409S Yellow, we sure got you covered. We also have the 4-Pack Combo Samsung CLP-310/CLX-3170 should you wish to replace all four colors at the same time. Simply place your order online and start saving as much as 75% off on the cost of original brand cartridges. If you need assistance, feel free to call us or chat with one of our ink and toner experts. We will be glad to assist you in any of your queries.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Install your new Samsung CLP-315 toner with these seven easy steps:


  1. At the top front, press down to release the front panel.
  2. Locate the cartridge that you wish to replace by looking at the letter symbols on the left side front. Each letter symbol represents the cartridge colors: Y for yellow, M for magenta, C for cyan, and K for black.  
  3. Remove the old cartridge by grasping the tabs on both sides and slide the cartridge straight out.
  4. Get the new toner cartridge and remove it from the bag and any packing cover or sheet.
  5. Align and insert the new cartridge in the location of the old cartridge. Push it in until it goes in all the way. Helpful tip: Press on both tabs while inserting the new cartridge to prevent binding or misalignment.
  6. Follow steps #3 to #5 if you are replacing more than one cartridge.
  7. Firmly close the front panel and wait for the printer to initialize the newly installed cartridge/s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace all the cartridges of my Samsung CLP-315 at the same time?

Not necessarily. Toner cartridges can be replaced on as needed basis. If only one cartridge is depleted or running low, you do not have to replace the remaining colors at the same time.


Can I choose two black and two yellow cartridges instead of four different colors in the 4-combo pack?

No. You cannot choose the color of the cartridge because it is already pre-packed. You may buy the single ink cartridges instead.  


What is the shelf life of the toner cartridges?

The shelf life of each toner cartridge is 24 to 36 months. We recommend storing your unopened cartridges in a dark, cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat.