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The Pitney Bowes DM100i Digital Franking Machine operates quietly at a speed of 25-35 letters per minute. It sorts weights and sizes for you and can handle both letters and parcels. (Hint: Carrot Ink carries compatible Pitney Bowes 793-5 Red Ink Cartridges for this machine that are priced an incredible 80% less than the same genuine Pitney Bowes red ink cartridges. They are easy to install and are designed to work with your Pitney Bowes DM100i or your money back. Buy your needed replacement ink cartridge with just a few mouse clicks. Yes, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home—do your shopping right here at Carrot Ink for more convenience. If you’d like, you can order by phone at (877) 322- 7768.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open the top cover. Select "Replace Ink Tank."
  2. Open the ink cartridge latch. Lift up the ink cartridge you want to replace and remove it from the machine.
  3. Take the new cartridge out of its wrapper and remove the plastic tape. Do not touch the contacts or ink nozzles.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into the printer. Close the ink cartridge latch and rotate it to the closed position.
  5. Close the cover.
  6. The meter will return to the Home screen in a few minutes.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I experiencing print quality issues with my Pitney Bowes DM100i even after installing a new cartridge?

If it took you a while to use and replace the old ink cartridge on your Pitney Bowes DM100i, chances are the nozzles in the printhead are already clogged, resulting in print quality issues. So, try cleaning the printhead and run a print test page to see if this resolves the issue.


What to do when the printouts begin to fade or the DM100i displays the error message ‘Low Ink?’

When you start getting faded printouts or your printer is showing a ‘Low Ink’ error message, it’s high time you get a replacement ink cartridge and replace the old cartridge at once.


What does an ‘Ink Out’ error message mean?

An ‘Ink Out’ error message simply means that your print cartridge is completely out of ink. So, you need to replace it as soon as possible to resume printing.