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Combining business-class features with photo quality output, the Lexmark X7350 printer makes a nice addition to any home or office. From printing and producing copies to scanning and sending fax messages, this all-in-one printer sure helps get things done fast and less hassle. But just like any all-in-one printer out there, this too requires a constant supply of ink to continuously work. And so, make sure you’ve got replacement ink cartridges always on hand. Carrot Ink’s single ink cartridges and 3-Pack Combos will make sure your printer continues to work to meet all your home or office printing needs. Check out our Lexmark 34 Black & 35 Color Remanufactured 3-Pack Combo and other printer supplies today.

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  1. Lexmark 34 Black & 35
    Lexmark 34 & 35 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3-Pack Combo
    Contains 2x Lexmark 34 (18C0034) Black and 1x Lexmark 35 (18C0035) High-Yield Color Remanufactured Ink Cartridges. Learn More
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Make sure that your printer is turned on. If it is not, click the power button.
  2. Lift up the scanner unit or access door, and then wait until the cartridge holder moves to the center of the printer.
  3. Push down on the cartridge carrier latch to raise the carrier lid.
  4. Pull the old print cartridge out of the printer.
  5. Take the sticker label out of the foil from the new cartridge. Place the sticker on the allocated area of the cartridge.
  6. Remove the protective tape from the new ink cartridge.
  7. Install the new cartridge into its proper slot or carrier.
  8. Close the lid of the carrier.
  9. Close the scanner unit or access door.


Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if I encounter any issues with my newly bought remanufactured ink cartridge?

Contact us immediately so we can help fix the issue. If the problem us caused by the cartridge, we have a generous return and refund policy.


What is another benefit of using a remanufactured ink cartridge on my Lexmark X7350?

Apart from low cost, another major benefit that you can enjoy from a remanufactured cartridge is becoming eco-friendly. Used ink cartridges ending up in landfills take a thousand year to decompose. So, by buying remanufactured, you help save the environment.


Will a remanufactured ink cartridge void my Lexmark printer warranty?

No. Using a remanufactured ink cartridge on your Lexmark printer will not void its warranty. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Improvement Act prohibits printer manufacturers from voiding their printer warranty when the user chooses to buy other types of cartridges.