EasyShare 5300

Cartridge prices starting at $7.99

The Kodak EasyShare 5300 is designed to give users the best print quality and portable, on-the-go printing. And when you pair it with Carrot Ink’s high-quality compatible ink cartridges, it’s guaranteed to print more for less too. Our Kodak 10XL (8237216) Black High Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge costs cheaper but contains more ink than an OEM cartridge. It’s designed to meet or even exceed OEM specifications, so it’ll definitely fit your Kodak all-in-one printer or your money back. Feel free to contact us via our toll-free line or chat with one of our customer service agents if you have questions.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Lift up the panel of the printer to completely open the carriage access door.
  2. Wait until the printhead becomes idle and silent before you continue.
  3. Pinch the latch on the used ink cartridge with your thumb and index finger.
  4. Take the ink cartridge out of the printhead.
  5. Pull the bagged ink cartridge from the box. Tear or cut open the bag to get the ink cartridge.
  6. Slide the orange protective cap out of the cartridge by holding the top edge and rotating it off the ink cartridge.
  7. Push the cartridge into the printhead.
  8. Push down on the tab until it clicks into position.
  9. Close the carriage access door.
  10. Close the panel.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to know if it’s time to get a replacement Kodak EasyShare 5300 ink cartridge?

When one of the ink levels drops below 20%, a ‘Low Ink’ warning message is displayed on your Kodak printer panel.


Where should I store used and unused ink cartridges?

There’s no specific area in your home or office where you should store unused and used ink cartridges. As long as the room’s temperature does not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius, the cartridges are good.


Why should I insert the new cartridge into the printhead immediately?

When installing a new ink cartridge, it should be inserted to the printhead as soon as it is unpacked to prevent drying of the ink.