Hero 3.1

Cartridge prices starting at $8.99

When you need to print high-resolution images or copy important files, you can’t go wrong with the Kodak Hero 3.1. Load up your printer with Carrot Ink’s remanufactured ink cartridges so that you can keep producing great prints. Replace your empty black cartridge with our Kodak 30XL (1550532) Black Compatible Ink Cartridge for sharp text that won’t fade over a long period of time. Swap out your spent color cartridge with our Kodak 30XL (1341080) Color Compatible Ink Cartridge to ensure superior quality every time you print photographs. Get the Kodak 30XL High-Yield Compatible 8-Pack Combo and take advantage of our free shipping deal for orders or more!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Power on your printer and open the top cover. Wait for the carriage to idle in the center.
  2. Pinch the tab on the front of the empty cartridge, then pull it up out of the carriage.
  3. Remove the packaging on your replacement cartridge. Take off the cap on the bottom of the cartridge.
  4. Insert the cartridge into the carriage. Push down the tab on front of the cartridge until it clicks into place.
  5. Close the cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to have my order delivered on the same day I placed it?

Yes! As long as you place your order before 3pm on a weekday, we can have it delivered to your doorstep depending on our inventory. Orders placed after 3pm and on weekends and holidays will still get shipped quickly, but not on the same day.


What’s the difference between standard and high yield capacity?

A high yield capacity cartridge like our Kodak 30XL color cartridge will produce more pages than a standard capacity cartridge. Our Kodak 30XL black standard capacity cartridge will still get you up to 425 pages, so that’s still a lot of paper to go through before running out of ink! Yields on all our products ultimately depend on printer usage frequency, printer settings, and paper type.


Are these remanufactured cartridges any good compared to original ones?

We pride ourselves on matching and even exceeding the quality of name-brand cartridges with our own inks. Enjoy beautiful prints at a fraction of the cost of original cartridges when you buy Carrot Ink products.