Ink Cartridge & Toner Cartridge Troubleshooting

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Ink Cartridge Reads as Empty?

Ink Cartridge is Not Printing?

Ink Cartridge is Reading Empty

If the ink cartridge is reading empty, this message, or similar, may come up on your computer because this is a remanufactured ink cartridge with no chip. The remanufactured ink cartridge has been used, depleted, so the old chip is still reading empty now that it has been refilled and installed in a new printer. Your product is NOT missing ink, and is full, it is simply that the old chip cannot be reset so the ink cartridge will read as empty. Your printer will print as normal, and until it is empty, but you won't be able to read how much ink remains in the ink cartridge. If you receive an error message from your printer, similar to what the images below this description show, follow the steps below to try and resolve the error message.

HP Error Message on Desktop

  • If you receive an error message on your computer which appears similar to the image above or at least has similar wording, all you do is click "OK", "CONTINUE" or "RESUME", and your printer should continue to print

HP Direct Printer Message

  • If you receive an error message directly on your printer screen, something similar to the image above, all you need to do is select "OK", "CONTINUE" or "RESUME" and the printer will continue to print.
  • Keep in mind, the printer will continue to print until the ink cartridges are empty, but during that entire time you will not be able to view the remaining ink levels.

Ink Cartridge is Not Printing

If your new ink cartridge is installed, but is not printing or is printing blank pages, this is a common issue. A majority of the time, the cause is due to the way the ink cartridges were stored. The product could have been stored in a way where the ink will settle away from the print heads, and the ink will not be able to feed the print head. The easiest way to solve this issue, is to take your ink cartridge, and set it upside down on a flat surface for a few minutes before trying to use it again. In addition, you can also take a damp paper towel, fold it a few times, and then rest the ink cartridge, print head down onto the paper towel, for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is going to help the print head to get some of the ink out. Once this process is done, you can re-install the ink cartridge back in the printer and try to print once more.

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