PhotoSmart C4250

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The HP PhotoSmart C4250 ink cartridges from Carrot Ink are guaranteed to work with your printer, producing the same excellent quality as that of the original counterparts. The only difference is, we offer our cartridges at a fraction of the cost! Save up to 75% on our single ink cartridges or our HP 74XL & 75XL Remanufactured 3-Pack Combo. We fully stand by the quality of our products that we offer a one-year warranty and a no-questions-asked return policy. We only want your satisfaction, so if, for any reason, you’re unhappy with the results, contact our friendly customer service. We’ll return your product or give you your money back—no questions asked.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn your printer on and place an unused letter- or A4-sized plain white paper on the input tray.
  2. Open your printer’s cartridge door. You should see the carriage move to the far right. Wait until it’s silent and stops moving.
  3. Lightly press down on the old cartridge that needs replacing. Then, pull it towards you.
  4. Take your new cartridge out of its bag. Then, gently remove the plastic tape by pulling on the pink tab.
  5. To install the new cartridge, hold it in a way that the logo is visible on top. Then, gently push it towards its corresponding slot. Note: tri-color cartridge goes to the left slot, while the black-color cartridge goes to the right.
  6. Close your printer’s cartridge door.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will this work with my HP PhotoSmart C4250?

Yes, it will! We make sure that all our products meet and exceed HP’s standards. That said, these inks will come in the same dimensions as that of the original cartridges, guaranteeing you that it will work and not void your printer’s warranty.


What does “high yield” mean?

“High yield” means this cartridge will produce more pages than a standard-sized cartridge. Our HP 74XL (CB336WN) Black High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge, for instance, can print up to 750 pages. This estimation will, however, be affected by your printer’s settings, your frequency of printing, and the paper that you will use


Is there a difference between the tri-color and photo ink cartridges?

Yes, there is. The tri-color cartridge is used mostly for printing general documents composed of texts, while the photo ink cartridge is used for printing photos and images.