LaserJet P1505

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The affordable, compact, and fast HP LaserJet P1505 is a great option for a personal mono laser printer or an office printer for businesses that do medium- to high-volume printing. This monochrome laser printer has a print speed of 24ppm, delivers relatively high-quality output and has a generous 250-sheet paper tray. If you have the HP LaserJet P1505, you can maximize your printer and save on printing costs at the same time by using premium quality replacement cartridges like our HP 36A (CB436A) black compatible toner cartridge. This cartridge has the same specifications as an OEM cartridge, so printer compatibility is guaranteed. But it is priced up to 50% less than original cartridges!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these simple steps on how to replace the toner cartridge in your HP LaserJet P1505


  1. First, remove the old cartridge by carefully pulling it out of the machine.
  2. Prepare the new cartridge by removing it from the packaging and tilting it side by side to redistribute the toner inside.
  3. Lift the new toner cartridge properly by using the handle and place it carefully inside the machine.
  4. Make sure the new cartridge is aligned properly and settled securely in place.
  5. Print a few test pages to make sure everything is working fine.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between regular and JUMBO cartridges?

They are the same cartridge in terms of specs and printer compatibility. But the JUMBO HP 36A contains more toner than the regular cartridge. This means you can print a thousand pages more with JUMBO. If you do plenty of high volume printing, the JUMBO cartridge offers better value for money.


Will using a generic cartridge damage my printer?

No it won’t. Our cartridges are designed to work with your printer just like an original cartridge would. Just make sure you installed it properly by following our simple installation guide.


Why is a compatible HP 36A a better choice than OEM or branded cartridge?

Aside from savings of up to 75% especially when you buy in bulk, you also get print quality and performance that matches and sometimes even exceed that of the original.