LaserJet P1006

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The HP LaserJet P1006 printer can print black text at speeds up to 17 pages per minute. Its compact design fits easily on a desk and can connect to your PC with a USB cable (not included). This machine runs quiet and can print up to 150 pages without reloading the paper tray. When it starts running low on toner, you can always get a compatible toner cartridge to reduce your printing costs. Carrot Ink offers this low-cost but high-quality cartridge and other printer supplies for your shopping convenience. Simply add the HP 35A (CB435A) Black Compatible Toner Cartridge to your cart, and we’ll deliver it to you fast. Got questions? Feel free to contact us via our toll-free line.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

How to replace the toner ink cartridge in an HP LaserJet P1006 printer:


  1. Turn the power on.
  2. Extend the output tray on the top of the printer.
  3. Open the print cartridge door.
  4. Remove the old print cartridge.
  5. Unwrap the new print cartridge. Roll it forward and back several times, and then pull off the plastic tape. Don't touch the green drum on the bottom.
  6. Insert the new print cartridge into the printer.
  7. Close the print cartridge door.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did my HP LaserJet P1006 display the ‘Install Black Cartridge’ error message when I tried printing with a newly installed cartridge?

If the cartridge is newly installed, the ‘Install Black Cartridge’ error message often indicates that an obstruction is preventing the cartridge from being recognized. Did you remove all packing materials and seals on your new toner? If you’re not sure about this, try removing the new cartridge and see if there are seals or protective tapes remaining on the cartridge. Remove the seals or tapes, if there are any. Then, reinstall the new cartridge and check if the error message no longer appears.


What to do if my HP printer prints black color on the whole page but the content is readable with color black fonts?

This printing issue is usually due to a damaged imaging drum in the toner cartridge, which often occurs when the drum unit is not cleaned properly. To fix this issue, you need to install a new toner cartridge on your printer.


Should I get a new toner cartridge to resolve print quality issues like toner marks, smears, and specks?

You should but only if these issues are not resolved after cleaning the product paper path and width guides and the pickup roller. Toner specks, marks, and smears are often caused by paper, toner, and dust particles build-up inside the printer. Try the cleaning process first before you resort to changing the toner cartridge.