LaserJet Pro M402d

Cartridge prices starting at $26.99

Is your HP LaserJet Pro M402d printer running out of ink? Try Carrot Ink’s LaserJet Pro M402d toner cartridges. We offer ink cartridges that works just as good as the OEM or branded ink cartridges. You can save as much as 40% with our HP 26X (CF226X) Black Compatible Toner Cartridge and our HP 26A (CF226A) Black Compatible Toner Cartridge which yields up to 9000 and 3100 pages respectively. Enjoy worry-free shopping because our products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty. Using our HP26A and HP 26X will not void your warranty as well. Shop now and enjoy excellent value for money!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

If you want to replace your HP LaserJet Pro M402d toner cartridges, here’s how to do it:


  1. Press the release button located on the right side of the printer.
  2. Open the front door by gently lifting it up and pulling it downwards and towards you.
  3. Take out the used toner cartridge from the machine.
  4. Take the new toner cartridge replacement and remove it from its packaging. Then, pull the release tab.
  5. Hold the cartridge on both ends and gently shake the toner cartridge back and forth to evenly distribute the ink.
  6. Place the new toner cartridge by installing it firmly on the printer’s tracks.
  7. Close the “front door” firmly.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the HP 26X (CF226X) and the HP 26A (CF226A) Black Compatible Toner Cartridge?

Both the HP 26X (CF226X) and the HP 26A (CF226A) are compatible toner cartridges for HP LaserJet Pro M402d Toner. The difference between them is that HP 26X (CF226X) has a high yield capacity (9000 pages) while the HP 26A (CF226A) has only a standard capacity of 3100 pages.


Is it safe to remove the HP LaserJet Pro M402d Toner cartridge anytime?

No. It’s best if you only remove the HP LaserJet Pro M402d Toner cartridge if the toner is running low.


Do generic HP26A and HP26X last longer than OEM ones?

Our replacement toner cartridges are designed to meet and sometimes even exceed OEM quality. So, at the very least, they can last as long as OEM ones.