HP Deskjet 3511 Ink

HP Deskjet 3511 Ink

Cartridge prices starting at $16.95

It’s hard to keep your printing costs low if you use costly branded cartridges, especially if you do a lot of printing every day. So now is the right time to make the switch—choose remanufactured ink cartridges for your HP Deskjet 3511! Our remanufactured ink cartridges are refurbished from empty HP cartridges, with worn-down parts replaced to ensure reliability. And before we add a new high-quality ink formula, we make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and tested to meet OEM specifications. Take the time to check our listing below. The High-Yield HP 61XL (CH563WN) Black is a good buy if you want more ink out of your cartridge. Place your order now!

Combo packs

HP 61XL Remanufactured 5-Pack Combo

$15.19 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $173.95

Special Price $75.95

- +

HP 61XL Remanufactured 3-Pack Combo

$15.98 per Cartridge

Regular Price: $103.97

Special Price $47.95

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Single Ink Cartridges

HP 61XL (CH563WN) Black High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

480 Page Yield

Regular Price: $33.99

Special Price $16.95

- +

HP 61XL (CH564WN) Color High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

330 Page Yield

Regular Price: $35.99

Special Price $18.95

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How To Replace Cartridge

Install a new ink cartridge on your HP Deskjet 3511 by following these simple steps:


  1. Press the Power button to turn the printer on.
  2. Load plain paper into the input tray until it stops.
  3. Open the cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage moves into the access area and stops.
  4. Release the cartridge that needs replacement by pressing it down.
  5. Pull the used ink cartridge out to remove.
  6. Take the new cartridge out of the box. Pull the pink tab and carefully remove the protective tape.
  7. Insert the new cartridge in the open slot. Push it until it pops into place.
  8. Close the cartridge access door.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will a remanufactured ink cartridge damage my HP Deskjet 3511?

No. Remanufactured cartridges are tested to ensure they meet OEM standards, so they are guaranteed not to sabotage your printer.


Is there a difference between HP 61XL and HP 61?

Yes. The one with the XL after the part number is the high-yield version. And a high yield cartridge often contains more ink, so it’s a good choice for those who print frequently. 


Does your remanufactured ink cartridge come with a warranty?

Yes. We want you to shop with confidence with us, so all our products are backed by a 1-year warranty.