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The HP DeskJet F2400 is more than just a printer. It’s a versatile machine that can also scan and copy, making it easy to use for homes and offices. And with Carrot Ink’s compatible ink cartridges, you’ll get the same quality of an original ink minus the high price! Get to save up to 75% on our inks with comparable yields to OEM cartridges. And if you purchase our HP 60XL Remanufactured 5-Pack Combo, you’ll have extra cartridges at the ready as soon as your printer warns you that you’re running low. Order more than $40 of products today and your shipping is on us!

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  1. HP 60XL 5-PACK COMBO Carrotink
    HP 60XL Remanufactured 5-Pack Combo

    Contains 5x HP 60XL (3x Black HP 60XL (CC641WN) and 2x Color HP 60XL (CC644WN) Remanufactured Ink Cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn your printer on, then open the cartridge door. Wait until the carriage settles into the dock.
  2. Gently press the old cartridge down and pull it out.
  3. Take your new cartridge out of its bag. Then, using the pink pull tab, remove the protective tape. Note: Don’t touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles as it could damage your inks.
  4. Place your new cartridge into its corresponding slot. Gently push it until you feel it pop into place. Note: Tri-color goes to the left slot, while black goes to the right.
  5. Load paper into the printer’s input tray, then close the cartridge door.
  6. Wait until your printer finishes printing an alignment page.
  7. Set the alignment sheet print-side down on the scan bed, then press the scan button.


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between the HP 60XL and HP 60 ink cartridges?

Their difference lies in the number of pages each cartridge can print. Our HP 60XL black and tri-color cartridges can print 600 and 440 pages, respectively. Our HP 60 black and tri-color cartridges can print 200 and 165 pages, respectively. Keep in mind that the frequency of use, images on your paper, and your printer’s settings can affect this estimation.


Will this work with my HP Deskjet F2400?

It most certainly will! We make sure that all our ink cartridges meet and exceed OEM standards. As such, each cartridge will come in the same dimensions as that of the original cartridge, allowing it to fit and work well with your printer.


Do remanufactured inks really help the environment?

Yes, it does. In fact, our remanufactured inks are cleaned and recycled, then refilled with our own ink. Using remanufactured inks ensures that non-biodegradable items would not end up in the landfill and instead used for future printer use.