Deskjet 950

Deskjet 950

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The HP Deskjet 950 ink cartridges from Carrot Ink are new compatible printer supplies that are guaranteed to meet or exceed the print quality of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) HP printer cartridges. With Carrot's HP Deskjet 950 supplies you'll save a bunch of money and get just as good of performance. Our HP Deskjet 950 inkjet replacements come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. Federal Law protects you when using compatible supplies for the HP Deskjet 950 and does not void your printer's warranty. OEM Deskjet 950 ink cartridges and supplies finally have real competition. With these cheaper yet smart alternatives, you can start printing for less. Place your order here today.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  2. Open the top cover.
  3. Wait until the print cartridge cradle moves to an accessible position.
  4. Raise the cradle latch.
  5. Remove the used ink cartridge by pulling it out toward you.
  6. Get the new ink cartridge and take it out of the packaging.
  7. Use the pull tab to remove the protective vinyl tape.
  8. Insert the new cartridge into the cradle and push it firmly until it clicks into place.
  9. Close the cradle latch.
  10. Load plain white paper and close the top cover.
  11. Wait until a calibration page is printed before you resume printing.


Frequently Asked Questions


What could be wrong if my HP Deskjet 950 says ‘Cartridge Problem’ after replacing the old ink cartridge?

A ‘Cartridge Problem’ could mean that you failed to install the new cartridge correctly. So, remove it first and reinstall it properly. Make sure the carriage latch is down before you close the printer cover.


What to do if I get a ‘Problem with Ink System’ error message on the printer control panel?

A ‘Problem with Ink System’ error message often indicates a leaky cartridge. Try removing the cartridges and inspect for leaks. Replace the leaky cartridge, if there’s any. Then, reinstall the other cartridges.


When will I receive my cartridge order?

It will depend on the shipping method that you chose. If you chose the UPS Standard Overnight, then expect it the next day, as long as your order was placed before 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday. If it’s UPS 2-day, then it’ll take two days. And if standard shipping, it will take 3 to 8 business days.