HP Deskjet 845C ink

HP Deskjet 845C ink

Cartridge prices starting at $19.95

Printing is about as stress-free as it gets with the HP DeskJet 845C’s speedy, photo-quality printing, and sleek design. When the cartridges need replacing, choose Carrot Ink’s remanufactured cartridges. Get deep, solid blacks with our HP 15 (C6615DN) Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge. Make your images pop with our HP 17 (C6625AN) Tri-Color Remanufactured Ink Cartridge. For the most bang for your buck, purchase the HP 15 (C6615DN) & HP 17 (C6625AN) Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3-Pack Combo. Save even more with our free shipping offer when you buy 40$ or more worth of products! Place your order today!

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HP 17 (C6625AN) Tri-Color Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridge for the HP Deskjet 843C, HP Deskjet 825Cvr, and many more!

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430 Page Yield
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How To Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Make sure the paper delivery tray is down.
  2. Turn on your printer and open the printer cover.
  3. Wait for the ink cartridge carriage to idle at the center.
  4. Open the carriage cover and pull out the spent cartridge.
  5. Take your new cartridge out of its packaging.
  6. Remove the protective tape. Make sure not to touch the copper contacts and the ink nozzle.
  7. Push the cartridge into the slot with the copper contacts toward the rear of the printer.
  8. Close the latch and push it until it snaps into place. Then, close your printer’s cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many pages can I get out of these ink cartridges?

You can print up to 600 pages with the HP 15 black ink cartridge and up to 420 pages with the HP 17 tri-color ink cartridge. Of course, these page yields depend on how often you use your printer, the type of paper you use, and the settings you have on for your printer.


How do I store ink cartridges that have been taken out of their packaging?

Keep your opened ink cartridges in an airtight plastic container. Make sure the ink nozzle is facing up and not touching anything to avoid leaks. If the protective tape has already been removed, don’t try to reattach it.


I ran into a problem with your product. How can I reach you?

Apologies for the trouble we’ve caused. Please give us a call or talk to us through our live chat system. Rest assured that we’ll help you resolve the issue. We also have a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee—no questions asked.

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