Deskjet 460

Deskjet 460

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The HP Deskjet 460 is a portable printer with 4800 dpi capability. CNET gives this printer 3.5 out of 5 stars. They like its outstanding print quality for text, but not its photo print quality. (Hint: If you own this printer, you've just stumbled onto a goldmine. Here at Carrot Ink, we carry remanufactured HP 94, HP 95, and HP 97 ink cartridges for this printer that are priced a whopping 70-80% less than the same genuine HP cartridges. All our remanufactured ink cartridges are rebuilt to meet or even exceed OEM specifications, so you get the same high-quality printouts and page yield. Call us to order today.)

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Deskjet 460

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  1. Combo 3 Pack of Remanufactured HP 94 Black & 97 Color Ink Cartridges
    HP 94 & 97 Remanufactured 3-Pack Combo
    95% of 100

    Contains 2x Black HP 94 (C8765WN), and 1x Color HP 97 (C9363WN) Remanufactured Ink Cartridges.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn the printer on and open the front access cover.
  2. When the print cartridge stops moving, lift the cartridge latch open and remove the cartridge you want to replace.
  3. Take the new cartridge out of its wrapper and remove the plastic tape. Do not touch the contacts or ink port.
  4. Install the new cartridge into the correct slot.
  5. Close the print cartridge latch.
  6. Close the front access cover. Wait for the machine to complete the initialization before printing.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean when the Power light turns on and the Right and Left Cartridge lights blink after installing new cartridges on my HP Deskjet 460?

This lighting pattern indicates that both cartridges need attention. You have probably installed them incorrectly or their contacts are dirty. Try removing the cartridges first to see if the contacts need cleaning or if you simply need to reinstall the cartridges properly.


When cleaning the contacts, why should it be done quickly?

Cleaning the contacts should be done quickly because the cartridge should not be exposed for more than 30 minutes. If it is out of the printer for an extended period, the ink can dry and clog the nozzles.


Can I get a replacement if I received a defective ink cartridge?

Yes if it is within one year of purchase. Just let us know by calling or sending us a message via chat or email.