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The HP DesignJet 700 ink cartridges from Carrot Ink are remanufactured HP 51645A or also known as HP 45 black inkjet cartridge. They're guaranteed to meet the print quality of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) HP printer cartridges. With Carrot's HP DesignJet 700 ink you'll save a bunch of money and get just as good of performance. Federal Law protects you when using remanufactured ink cartridges for the HP DesignJet 700 and does not void your printer's warranty. We understand you may have some fears buying remanufactured ink cartridges since you probably know someone who had a bad experience. Unlike EBay or other marketplaces where you never know what you're going to get, these are premium HP 51645a's manufactured in the US (in California to be more specific). We only use virgin empty cores which mean the empty core is only used once to ensure quality. We don't blame you for thinking twice since The HP DesignJet 700 isn't cheap. In order to remove any and all financial risks to you our policy clearly states that you can return any inkjet cartridges that don't meet your expectation in terms of quality or page yield. On top of that return shipping is also completely free. So other then maybe some inconvenience you have truly no financial risk. Although we clearly want you to understand that fact that you can easily return products, we don't want to give you the false impression that you will be stuck returning a lot remanufactured inkjet cartridge back to us because you won't. We've been around since 1998 and we help literally hundreds of thousands of customers for both their home or office printing needs. We would love the opportunity to prove our quality and help you sleep at night knowing you're saving money while dealing with a reputable company.

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