Color LaserJet 3800dn

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The HP Color LaserJet 3800dn printer features built-in networking and automatic two-sided printing in addition to all the base-model functions. It’s quick and efficient, and it’s ideal for any home or office use. Now if it’s time to replace its toner cartridge, no worries as it’s readily available here at Carrot Ink. We are proud to offer low-cost but high-quality remanufactured toner cartridges with a full-year money-back guarantee. Our HP 501A (Q6470A) Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge offers superb print quality and the same 6,000 page yield at a fraction of the cost of genuine HP cartridge. Get one here today.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open the front cover and ETB unit of your printer.
  2. Take the used print cartridge out of the printer.
  3. Remove the new print cartridge from the bag. Then, pull the protective tape/seal out of the print cartridge.
  4. Install the cartridge in a slightly upward angle. Make sure it’s aligned with the tracks inside the printer. Firmly push it until you hear it click into position.
  5. Close the printer’s front cover.
  6. Close the top cover of the printer.
  7. Wait until ‘Ready’ is shown on the control panel display.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I check the HP Color Laserjet 3800dn print cartridge life?

You’ll know the status of the print cartridges inside your printer by using the printer control panel, the embedded Web server, and the HP Easy Printer Care Software or the HP Web JetAdmin Software.


Why should I not remove a new cartridge from its packaging until I’m ready to install it?

This is to prevent the cartridge from getting exposed to direct sunlight or any light source at that. Exposure to light for more than a few minutes can cause damage to the print cartridge.


Can I still print even if all of the print cartridges run out of toner at the same time?

Yes, you can still continue printing. If what you are printing is mostly black and white documents, then change the print mode to ‘MOSTLY BLACK PAGES’ to maximize the remaining toner.