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With Carrot Ink’s replacement cartridges, your Epson Stylus NX105 will continue to produce high-quality prints day in, day out. We make sure our products meet and exceed OEM standards, guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction without needing to shell out a huge amount of resources. Our single ink cartridges and our Epson 69 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack Combo all come with a one-year warranty upon the date of your purchase. We believe in the quality of products so much that we also offer a no-questions-asked return policy. Simply get in touch with our customer service and we’ll make sure all your questions are answered.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn your printer on. Open the scanner and use the support to prop it up. Note: Refrain from touching the white cable inside the printer as this could damage your machine.
  2. Press the Stop button. This should trigger the print head to move to the no-ink position, which will then indicate the low/empty cartridge.
  3. Press the Stop button again. If another cartridge needs replacing, it will move to the no-ink position.
  4. Squeeze the tab on the old cartridge, then lift it out of the printer.
  5. Shake your new cartridge several times before removing it from its bag. Note: Don’t touch the green chip as it would damage the ink. Then, remove the yellow sealing tape.
  6. Insert your new ink cartridge into its corresponding slot. Push it down until you hear it click into place. Do this for all cartridges that needs replacing.
  7. Lift the scanner slightly, remove the support, and close it.
  8. Press the Stop button. This will trigger your printer to start charging its ink for about 1.5 minutes. When it’s done, the On light will stop flashing and stay on, while the ink light goes out.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I continue printing if I’m running low on ink?

You can continue printing when your cartridge is running low. However, when it’s empty, you will not be able to print until you replace the cartridge. You can get our Epson 69 Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 4-Pack Combo, so you’ll have cartridges at the ready as soon as your printer tells you so.


Should I replace all the ink cartridges in my printer?

You only need to replace the ink cartridge that’s either running low or empty. Your Epson Stylus NX105 will flash its ink light when a cartridge is low. The ink light will stay on if a cartridge is empty.


What benefits do I get from remanufactured inks?

With remanufactured inks, you are helping save the environment by reusing non-biodegradable materials. If you purchase from use, you can also save up to 75% on high-quality ink!