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The Canon PIXMA MP150 can print directly from cameras, which makes it a great choice for photographers and enthusiasts alike. And for your machine to continue giving you high-quality output, you need to pair it with high-quality inks that will not let you down. At Carrot Ink, you can get our single ink cartridges or our Canon PG-40 & CL-41 Remanufactured 6-Pack Combo at a fraction of its original cost. For the past 20 years, we manufacture our ink cartridges inside an ISO-9001 facility, making sure our standards exceed that of the OEM’s. On top of that, our inks won’t void your printer’s warranty. Order today and avail our free shipping for products and above!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Turn your printer on and open the scanning unit. You’ll see the ink cartridge holder move to the replacement position.
  2. Look at the old cartridge that needs replacing and press on the semi-circular tab. This will release the old cartridge. Dispose of it properly.
  3. Remove your new cartridge out of its bag. Then, remove the orange protective tape following the arrow’s direction. Note: Don’t touch the gold electrical contact or print head nozzles as it this would damage your printing quality.
  4. Insert the new cartridge into its corresponding holder. Remember that black goes to the left and the color ones go to the right.
  5. Push up on the front of the cartridge until you hear it lock into place.
  6. Close the scanning unit and wait about two minutes until the preparatory operation is complete.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to replace all the ink cartridges on my Canon PIXMA MP150?

No, you don’t. You would only need to replace the ink cartridge that are empty based on your printer’s notifications.


What’s the difference with the high-yield single ink cartridges and the regular single ink cartridges?

The difference lies mainly in the number of page yield. Our Canon PG-40 Pigment Black Remanufactured Ink Cartridge and Canon CL-41 Color Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge can both print up to 195 pages. On the other hand, our Canon PG-50 Black High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge and Canon CL-51 Color High-Yield Remanufactured Ink Cartridge can print up to 300 and 330 pages, respectively. Note that this will change depending on the number of images on your outputs, printer settings, and your frequency of printing.


Why should I buy remanufactured inks?

Buying remanufactured inks is a two-pronged benefit: You save on office costs as you won’t have to pay as much as the original cartridges, while at the same time, you also help save the environment by reusing non-biodegradable materials that would otherwise just end up in a landfill!