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The Canon PC745 presented an innovative feature when it first came out—the ability to swap its black toner with a variety of cartridge colors. And for those who are still relying on this machine today, you can even save up to 75% with Carrot Ink’s toners! Our Canon E40 (1491A002AA) Black High-Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge is guaranteed to meet or exceed the print quality of OEM Canon cartridges. With our products, you’ll save a bunch of money without compromising its quality. So why go retail when you have a smart and more affordable alternative that’s just a click away? Order more than of products today and we’ll ship them for free!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open your printer’s top cover by placing your hand on the silver tab on the left-hand side. Lift it up to gain access to the toner cartridge.
  2. Pull the lever on your old toner cartridge until the entire cartridge is removed from the machine. Dispose of it properly.
  3. Take your new cartridge out of its bag.
  4. Line up your new cartridge with the guard rails on both the left and right sides of the machine. Push it in until you hear it click into place.
  5. Close the top cover of your copier and press it close firmly. Turn on your machine.


Frequently Asked Questions


What guarantee do I have that this will work with my Canon PC745?

All of Carrot Ink’s products are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility, making sure that they match and exceed OEM standards. They would also come in the same dimensions as that of original cartridges, so they should fit and work well with your printer.


What are the terms of your warranty?

We have been providing our clients with high-quality ink for the past 20 years. That said, we stand by our products 100%, so apart from our verbal assurance, we also provide a 1-year warranty upon the date of your purchase. If you’re unsatisfied with the quality, we also have a no-questions-asked return policy. Feel free to contact our customer service team for any concern!


Why should I buy remanufactured cartridges?

Remanufactured cartridges have a couple of benefits. For one, you get to save up on your printing costs as opposed to original cartridges. And secondly, you also get to save the environment by choosing products that recycle and reuse non-biodegradable materials.


Canon PC941 Toner


The Canon PC941 is a copier that can produce up to 13 pages per minute, making it the perfect companion for home use or in a small office. And to help drive down your office supply expenses, choose Carrot Ink products and save as much as 75% on high-quality ink!