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Save up to 60% on ink when using your Brother MFC-J985DW printer with our alternative cartridges. You get the best of both worlds with our products — a lower price and the same number of pages as an OEM cartridge! With our high-yield inks—whether you are purchasing the Brother LC20E Compatible 4-Pack Combo or individual color cartridges—you will get rich, vivid colors even after months of heavy usage. Whether for your home office, or a business with a larger print volume, Carrot Ink cartridges are reliable and covered by a one-year warranty from your purchase date. Order of products today and your shipping is free!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Check out our quick guide on how to replace the ink cartridge on the Brother MFC-J985DW


  1. Turn your printer on, and then open the ink cartridge cover on the right side of your printer. Remove the orange protective part.
  2. Take your new ink cartridge from its packaging, and then remove the orange protective packing by turning the green lever counterclockwise.
  3. Install the new ink cartridge in the right ink slot color. Press the push button and wait until the lever snaps up (indicating the correct position).
  4. Close the ink cartridge cover. Your printer will start the cleaning process which typically takes five minutes.
  5. After the cleaning process, press OK to print the quality check sheet. Check the quality of the print by following the instructions on the screen.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to buy all the colors for my Brother MFC-J985DW printer to work?

Yes, you do. Your MFC-J985DW printer needs all 4 cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) to function.  


Will my printer accept generic ink cartridges?

Definitely! Our products are safe to use, and we believe strongly in their quality. So much, in fact, that we offer a one-year warranty from your purchase date! If you encounter any issues, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.


How many pages can I get from one cartridge?

Each cartridge yields approximately 1,200 pages. Please note that this may vary depending on your printer settings, print quality, paper type, of use and other factors.