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Save up to 75% on Carrot Ink's cartridges for your Brother MFC-J625DW! We offer remanufactured inks that are engineered to match OEM standard and are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility. We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with our affordable but high-quality inks. We also have combos that let you save even more money. Our ink cartridges already come at a fraction of the price of the original, but if you purchase our combos such as the Brother LC75 High-Yield Compatible 10-Pack Combo, you can shave a lot off the purchase price. Think of all the other office supplies you can buy with the money you save! Order yours today and get your shipping for free on all eligible products.

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  1. Brother LC75 (Replaces LC71) High-Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo
    Brother LC75 (Replaces LC71) High-Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo

    Contains 4 Brother LC75 Black, 2 Brother LC75 Cyan, 2 Brother LC75 Magenta, and 2 Brother LC75 Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridges.

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    10 Cartridges / $ ea
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  2. LC75 (Replaces LC71) Color Compatible High Yield Ink Cartridge 3-Pack
    Brother LC75 (Replaces LC71) Color Compatible High Yield Ink Cartridge 3-Pack

    • (1) LC75C (Replaces LC71C) Compatible Cyan
    • (1) LC75M (Replaces LC71M) Compatible Magenta
    • (1) LC75Y (Replaces LC71Y) Compatible Yellow
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open your printer's ink cartridge cover.
  2. To remove the old cartridge, press the lock release lever of the corresponding ink color on your printer.
  3. Unpack your new cartridge and turn the green release lever clockwise. Then, remove the orange protective packing.
  4. Gently push the new cartridge back into the printer. Take note that each color has its own correct position, so make sure that you follow the arrow on the label.
  5. Close your printer's ink cartridge cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between high-yield and regular cartridges?

The main difference lies in the estimated number of pages each cartridge can print. Our standard-sized cartridges have an average yield of 600 pages. Our high-yield cartridges can give you more. However, these approximations would change depending on your frequency of use and your printer's settings.


Can I rely on the quality of your toners?

You most definitely can! We have been doing this for the past 20 years. And as such, we've learned that customer satisfaction can only be achieved if we offer the best products. That's what we do here.


How much will shipping cost me?


For most orders, the shipping cost depends on the available inventor. We do, however, offer same-day shipping for most orders placed before 3PM Pacific Time (excluding Friday, weekends, and holidays). And if you order more than $40, you'll get your shipping for free!