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Enjoy up to 75% off the cost of original ink cartridges when you make that switch to compatible ink cartridges. For your Brother MFC-J460DW, we’ve got high yield compatible ink cartridges available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. We also carry these products in sets of 4 and 9 should you need to replace multiple cartridges at the same time. All our products are guaranteed to work with your Brother printer or you get your money back. Simply place your order online and we’ll deliver it to you as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if you’re not using the ink cartridge immediately because our products have a shelf life of at least 18 to 24 months. Order now!

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  1. Brother LC203 5-Pack Ink Cartridge Carrot Ink
    Brother LC203 / LC201 High-Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo

    Contains 2 Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Black, 1 Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Cyan, 1 Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Magenta, and 1 Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Yellow Compatible High-Yield Ink Cartridges.

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  2. Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Color Compatible High Yield Ink Cartridge 3-Pack
    Brother LC203 (Replaces LC201) Color Compatible High Yield Ink Cartridge 3-Pack

    • (1) LC203 High Yield Compatible Cyan Cartridge
    • (1) LC203 High Yield Compatible Magenta Cartridge
    • (1) LC203 High Yield Compatible Yellow Cartridge
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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Replace the ink cartridge on your Brother MFC-J460DW with these steps:


  1. Open the cover of the ink cartridge.
  2. Push down the lock release lever to release the cartridge.
  3. Remove the cartridge from the printer.
  4. Open the bag of the new ink cartridge according to the color shown in the machine’s display.
  5. Take the ink cartridge out of the bag.
  6. On the orange protective packing, turn the green release lever counter-clockwise until the vacuum seal is released.
  7. Slide out the orange protective packing.
  8. Install the ink cartridge according to its color and correct position.
  9. Push the back of the ink cartridge until it locks into place.
  10. Close the cover of the ink cartridge.
  11. Verify the color of the new ink cartridge. Automatically, the printer will reset the ink dot counter.


Frequently Asked Questions


How would I know if the ink cartridge has reached the end of its life?

If one or more of your ink print cartridges are empty, the printer’s display will show the message ‘B&W Print Only’, ‘B&W 1-sided Print Only’ or ‘Cannot Print’.


How come the printer’s display still shows ‘No Ink Cartridge’ after installing a new ink cartridge?

It’s probably because you failed to install the new cartridge correctly. Try reinstalling the new cartridge. This time make sure to push the back of the cartridge marked “PUSH” until you hear it click into place.


Why does my Brother MFC-J460DW printer say it’s running low on color ink even if I rarely print in color?

The default setting in the print driver of this type of printer is ‘COLOR.’ So, even if you usually print in black only, your printer automatically mixes all the colors to print the page. Try changing the setting to ‘GRAY SCALE.’