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It’s crucial for important documents to be printed clearly and you can only get that from high quality inks. But did you know you can save up to 80% when you buy your Brother MFC-9560CDW Toner from Carrot Ink? We have the complete set of CMYK high-yielding toners like the Brother TN315 Compatible 4-Pack Combo which you can buy at huge discounts per cartridge. We also have single toner cartridges like the Brother TN315BK Black High Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge if you’re only replacing one color. Our remanufactured inks and toners are 100% guaranteed top quality and you can trust on our two decades of experience in this trade to deliver you only the best products and let your stay within budget.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Press the power button on and open the front cover. Pull out the drum unit by pulling on its green handle.
  2. Hold the handle of the used cartridge and slightly push it toward the printer to unlock it. Remove the cartridge from the drum unit.
  3.  Before installing the new toner, clean the corona wire cover inside the drum unit. Do this by opening its cover and sliding the green tab left and right a few times. When you’re done, close the corona wire cover.
  4. Take the new cartridge out of its new packaging and give it gentle shake to distribute the ink inside evenly. Then, remove its protective cover.
  5. Slide the new cartridge carefully into the empty slot in the drum unit and then pull it slightly forward until you hear it lock into place.
  6. Push the drum unit back into the machine and then close the front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need all CMYK toners for the printer to run?

Yes, you need to make sure that all cartridges are filled with ink to ensure that your printer functions properly. But if your printer is only telling you to replace one cartridges, then that’s all you need to replace.


Won’t a generic cartridge void my printer’s warranty?

Carrot Ink’s inks and toners are expertly remanufactured to work in sync with your printer, much like genuine cartridges do, which means our products will not void your machine’s warranty.


How many pages can this toner print?

The Brother TN315BK Black High Yield can print around 6,000 pages. Kindly note that the yield is subject to change due to factors such as printing settings, frequency of printing, and the type of paper you use.