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Carrot Ink offers compatible laser toner cartridges and drum unit for your Brother MFC-7840W printer at a fraction of the price of OEM. Our products are designed to provide the best print quality to meet your needs. Buying these compatible laser toner cartridges for your Brother MFC-7840W printer is a smart and cost-efficient alternative to more expensive branded toner. These will provide you with bigger savings without compromising print quality and voiding your printer’s warranty. Replacing the DR360 drum unit is recommended after using about six TN360 toner cartridges. Our Brother DR360 Compatible Drum Unit and Brother TN360 Black High-Yield Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge are the perfect replacement for your printer’s original components and toner.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Pull down the front cover of your Brother MFC-7840W.
  2. Pull and slide the drum unit straight out.
  3. Press down a tab on the left side of your drum unit to release the old toner cartridge.
  4. On top of the drum unit, you will see a small tab on the right side called the transfer unit cleaner. You would need to slide it back and forth 2 to 3 times to remove any excess toner and clean the drum unit. Just remember to slide it back in place.
  5. Remove the plastic sheet covering the photoconductor unit on the new toner. Fit the toner in the drum unit until it clicks.
  6. You need to slide and lock the drum unit back in the printer.
  7. Close the printer door and you can proceed with a print test.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the toner included if I purchase the drum unit?

No, but you have the option to purchase the combo pack which includes both toner and drum unit.


How do I know if I need to replace my Brother MFC-7840 drum unit?

You should change it if the image quality has significantly declined even after you’ve replaced the toner. It is best to keep a spare drum unit on hand in case you need to replace it.


For how long can I keep a spare MFC-7840 toner or drum unit in storage?

The TN360 toner cartridge and the DR360 drum unit have a shelf life of 24-36 months. Just be sure to keep it in its original packaging and stored in a cool dry place.