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When you see the Brother MFC-230c, the first thing you’ll notice is its compact and lightweight design. And it’s probably one of the reasons why you’ve got one in your office. But apart from being compact, the MFC-230c also offers a flatbed scanner for convenience and flexibility; plus, it helps improve productivity with print speeds of up to 25 ppm in black and 20 ppm in color. When its cartridges start running out of ink and you don’t have spare cartridges on hand, you’d certainly wish you got them sooner. But this is easier said than done if you’re short on cash to buy expensive genuine replacement cartridges. Why not make the smart decision of buying compatible Brother ink cartridges here at Carrot Ink? Our compatible cartridges are not just affordable but of superior quality too. They offer the same high-quality prints and page yield at 5% coverage. Purchase the Brother LC51 Compatible 5-Pack Combo with fast, reliable shipping.

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  1. Brother LC51 Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo
    Brother LC51 Compatible Ink Cartridge 10-Pack Combo

    Contains 10 Brother LC51 (4 Black, and 2 each of Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow) Compatible Ink Cartridges

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Open the ink cartridge cover.
  2. Pull the lock release lever down and remove the empty ink cartridge by pulling it out of the printer.
  3. Get the new ink cartridge and remove it from the bag.
  4. Remove the protective yellow cap.
  5. Insert the ink cartridge into the empty slot in the direction of the arrow on the label.
  6. Lift the lock release lever and push the new cartridge in until it clicks into place.
  7. The printer will automatically reset the ink dot counter.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the LCD on my Brother MFC-230C still say ‘No Cartridge’ after installing a new ink cartridge?

When the LCD still displays the ‘No Cartridge’ error message after installing a new ink cartridge, it’s likely that the cartridge is not installed properly. Check if the cartridge is installed incorrectly and reinstall it.


Can I put any color ink cartridge in a particular slot?

No. The color ink cartridge should match the color on the slot. So, be sure to check the color on the label of the new cartridge and the color on the slot before you install it.


Up to how long should I use the ink cartridge that I just installed on my printer?

A new ink cartridge should be used up within six months of installation.