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Are you looking for ways to save on printing costs without sacrificing print quality? We recommend using our low-priced compatible toner cartridges for your Brother HL-4150cdn printer. Low prices do not necessarily mean low quality. Here at Carrot Ink, we use only superior-quality, brand-new components on our compatible cartridges to meet or even exceed OEM specifications. And when you choose one of our high-yield cartridges such as the Brother TN315BK Black, you get even bigger savings. If two or more of your cartridges are empty or running low, we suggest you order in bundles. We offer free shipping on orders and above. Place your order today!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Here’s how to replace the old cartridge on your Brother HL-4150cdn printer:


  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Press the button on top of the front cover and move the cover down to open.
  3. Hold the green holder of the drum unit and pull it towards you until it stops.
  4. Hold the old toner cartridge and push it toward the printer to unlock it. Then, pull it out of the drum unit.
  5. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging and shake it from side to side to loosen up the toner. Then, pull off its protective cover.
  6. Slide the new cartridge into the drum unit until it clicks into place.
  7. Push the drum unit in and close the front cover.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it a bad idea to leave empty toner cartridges inside the cartridge tray of my Brother HL-4150cdn?

Leaving empty toner cartridges inside the printer is discouraged because this affects your printer’s performance once the new cartridges are in. Plus, there may still be remaining toner powder that can stain the cartridge tray, making it difficult to clean.


How would I know which cartridge needs replacement?

On your machine’s display, you will notice black square and white square marks that indicate the status of each cartridge. See which cartridge needs replacement checking the white square.


Can I still use my Brother HL-4150cdn even if I get a white square indicator?

Yes, as long as the print quality is still good.