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The Brother HL-2240 is a black and white laser printer. Brother printers are known for their high quality. PC Magazine gives this printer 4 out of 5 stars. They like its compact size, fast speed, and print quality. They don't like that it does not feature a duplexer and offers a USB connection only. Plus, the cost of genuine Brother laser toner cartridge can be such a headache. Good thing, there’s a cheaper alternative available here at Carrot Ink. Our Brother TN420/TN450 Black High Yield Compatible Toner Cartridge costs up to 75% less but works just as good as an OEM toner. We offer this with fast shipping, so expect your order to be delivered in no time.

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Do you need to replace the toner in your Brother HL-L2240 printer? Follow these easy steps.


  1. Turn the power off.
  2. Open the printer.
  3. Pull out the drum unit and used cartridge.
  4. Press the small green tab on the front left side of the drum unit to unlock the toner cartridge and remove the cartridge.
  5. Unbox and unwrap the new toner cartridge.
  6. Remove the plastic protector and shake the cartridge.
  7. Place the new toner cartridge inside the drum unit.
  8. Insert the drum unit into your Brother HL-L2240 printer and close the front cover.
  9. Turn the power on.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why did I get a ‘Toner Low’ message after putting in a new toner cartridge on my Brother HL-2240 printer?

If your Brother HL-2240 does not reset properly after installing a new cartridge, it’s likely that the ‘Toner Low’ message will appear. To remove this error message, simply reset the printer manually.


How can I tell if it’s time to replace the drum unit?

Your printer’s LEDs will tell you if the drum unit already needs replacement. See if the ‘Drum’ and the ‘Ready’ LEDs are on and the ‘Toner’ and ‘Error’ LEDs are off. These warning lights often indicate it’s time to change your printer’s drum unit.


What is the difference between the toner cartridge and the imaging drum?

The toner cartridge serves as the container of the toner, which latches on to the paper to create images and texts, while the imaging drum is the one responsible in copying the images and texts from the computer to the paper using the toner.